The Number One Tip For Professional Wellness

Reduce anxiety and stress

Our entire mission statement is based around wellness in the workplace.

A few weeks ago, as we conducted one of our many standing–and stretching–meetings online (our twist on the standing meeting) we brainstormed some new tips and tricks we could publish for Professional Wellness. There were of course a bevvy of ideas:

  • Incorporate some stretching into your standing meetings (obviously) even if you're on zoom or team etc
  • Start a lunchtime routine with colleagues to check in for 10 minutes make sure everyone is okay
  • Create a friendly fitness competition among your team, here Desk Yogi can help you to set this up quickly and efficiently
  • Set 1-2-1 break time walking dates with different  friends or your desk Yogi reminders so you can participate in a well-earned break anytime

And of course, there were the good old faithful tips for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing at work where ever that happens to be :

  • Take little breaks and take them often
  • Why sit when you can stand
  • Get outside whenever possible

As we continued to stretch through these ideas, both old and new, one theme kept surfacing: Consistency is key! This is not to say that it doesn’t help to switch things up, because it does. What it means is that no matter what routine you pick, make it a doable commitment. Create a plan that is something you can realistically stick to. When you do, you’ll find yourself enjoying a much more sustainable wellness plan, at work and in life.



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