The REAL benefits of chair massage…at work!

women receiving a chair massage

The healing power of massage and touch has long been known. A staple of healthcare in ancient cultures across the globe, modern medicine, has created a reliance of chemical intervention.

However, the healing power of massage is still as strong today as it ever was and thus, as more companies realise that to help their employees with well-being, chair massage at work can be one of the best ways to boost emotional and physical health.

women receiving a chair massage

What is chair massage?

Using a unique piece of equipment, the recipient sits face forward on to the chair, where the upper torso is supported. This also relaxes the legs as the weight of the body is being held securely by the chair.

The massage therapist, trained in the use of a Swedish type massaging technique will, over the course of 15 to 20 minutes, manipulate the muscles and tendons across the shoulders and back, as well as the neck, relaxing and invigorating the body.

The benefits of massage are well known for the recipient – increased blood flow to muscles relieves tension, decreasing blood pressure and giving an all-round feeling of emotional health and balance.

The real benefits of chair massage at work, however, are beyond solely what the recipient feels. For the business, there are some real benefits too;

  • Simple and easy to arrange

Many companies take time and energy, as well as funds, to look after the emotional and physical well-being of their staff. This clearly makes staff feel valued when they realise that their employer values them – and not just for the skills that they bring.

Chair massage is an activity that is simple and easy to arrange. Using a reputable therapist company can mean that the discussion of what is needed and when is a simple one. With dates and times booked in the diary, staff will be enjoying the well-being of massage within no time.

  • Affordable

The twists and turns of the economy can mean that at various times, the budget within a company to pay for well-being activities is sadly lacking.

However, every business knows that even if financially difficult times, it is imperative to maintain the well-being of staff – if not more so – and so investing in chair massage is something that many companies continue to do for a long time.

This is because, as activities and invest in staff goes, chair massage is eminently affordable.

  • All equipment supplied

As well as being simple and easy to arrange, hosting chair massage sessions is also simple and easy.

The chair or chairs are supplied by the massage company, as are highly qualified and experienced therapists. In terms of space at the venue, all it takes is a small room – or even the board room! – Or, if this is not possible, it may be possible to screen off an area so that there is more privacy for those that want it.

It is commonplace in some businesses for recipients to be still sat at their desks too!

  • Performed on site

Clearly, having an empty office as busloads of staff go to another venue for massage is not a welcome thought which is why something like chair massage in the office is a perfect solution. It means that there is no need for a logistical exercise as staff leave or return.

Likewise, handling the appointment slots is also relatively easy too with staff booking their slot in advance, so that cover can be provided if necessary.

  • Not embarrassing!

Touch is powerful. It can be a form of aggression or an act of love and not everyone is comfortable with either of these – with many people being unsure of touch, and whether they enjoy the sensation of massage or not.

It is a therapy that will forever be associated with taking clothes off, sweet smelling oils and a day at the spa. But, chair massage is something entirely different, and once someone has overcome their initial reluctance, they begin to enjoy the therapy – just because they enjoy the way they feel after receiving a chair massage.

  • An all-around winner

Chair massage is a therapy that many people enjoy. It is suitable for all kinds of people including those with pre-existing medical conditions, and so on. It is a safe therapy that relaxes, and yet invigorates.

Investing in staff is important, and in this day and age where recruiting new staff can be an expensive exercise, once a business has assembled a great team, they want to hold on to people. Thus, well-being activities and programmes are becoming more commonplace in businesses across the country – why not yours?