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Exercise and injuries

Exercise and injuriesI decided that this autumn I would shed the sins of summer excess and get fitter. It started quite innocently with a friend suggesting a running group 5k in 10 weeks. This sounded doable and it required a commitment to attend once a week at the club and once week homework. I then decided that a circuit training class sounded like a good idea to help things along, only once a week so not a huge time commitment.

Everything was going along extremely well until week 6 when the team leader decided to do speed work in small groups. I am afraid to admit that the competitive gremlin that lies in me came to the forefront. At 55 years old I was not going to be beaten by anyone half my age. I am pleased to say that I did very well to the surprise of some as my distance running is not spectacularly fast.

On completing the session and driving home I mused on how silly it all was, why I had become soon competitive in an amateur group which was about fun. But more worryingly I thought that was a stupid thing to do as I could have easily sustained an injury. You’ve guessed it a week later after a circuit training class I felt the first twinges, ignoring these I get going until one day last week I bent quickly to go under a bar and on popping up felt a rush of pain along my leg. I am now sporting a lovely bruise and limping.
This made me thing about what I could have done differently, obviously not been competitive was one as that probably caused a weakness in the leg muscles but also warming up and stretching exercise that can be done quickly and effectively every day to build up resilience and strength.

With ongoing massage the muscles are loosened and relaxed; this helps to relieve tension in and around the joints and gives them more freedom to move.

Exercise injuries are more common today because of our sedentary lifestyle not due to an increase in exercise. The aging process also means the muscles tighten and lose their elasticity. Massage can help maintain and improve joint flexibility and movement making them less prone to injury. Its also a great way to de stress and relax after a hard week at work or at home. Better still ask your line manager or HR manager about massage at work, office massage is quick and efficient and we come to you so saving time in travel.

Remember daily stretching help and our video link has some handy tips on stretches you can do at home or at work.