Train your mind, master your return

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With the global pandemic still ongoing, the prospect of heading back to the office feels daunting for many of us.

When Covid-19 first gained momentum earlier this year, thousands of employees were urged to leave behind their traditional office day and make the transition to working from home. The change brought with it a string of unique challenges: from setting up makeshift offices in crammed kitchens to navigating glitchy technology and dealing with distractions from kids, spouses and pets. But after  some initial teething problems, many employees have found the new way of working to be surprisingly positive with increases in productivity, wellbeing and work-life balance topping the list of benefits.

As the virus has begun to subside in parts of the world, many employers have been granted more discretion in bringing people back into the workplace, as long as this return is managed in line with strict guidelines. Despite these changes to workplace advice, many employees have been hesitant to head back to the office, fearing the risks of returning with the virus still circulating and a potential second wave looming.

After months of working from the relative safety of their own homes office workers feel sceptical about the health and safety aspect of going back in to once busy work spaces, citing coming into close contact with asymptomatic carriers and those less diligent about hand washing practices as key concerns.

For others though it’s the prospect of travelling on public transport and being in a confined space with dozens of commuters that really makes them nervous about journeying back to the office. To help combat these growing fears, governments across the world have encouraged people to make the journey by car, bicycle or foot where possible. Yet with many office workers living too far away for this to be a viable option, it’s trains, buses and trams that remain the only option for much of the global workforce.

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