What a facial massage can do for you

Happiness. Anger. Sadness. Contempt. Disgust. Surprise. Fear. The 7 basic emotions that we can go through every day of our lives, even when we dream and sleep at night.

Every human emotion can be portrayed across the face, whether we try to hide it or not. Long term scientific research has found that we have over 100,000 unique facial expressions and thus, it is no surprise that every now and then, our facial muscles can tire and ache!

With 43 muscles in the face – we use all them to frown but only 17 to smile – it is no wonder that a facial massage can be one of the most relaxing forms of massage there is. Specific massage, along with office and chair massages, can improve your London based company and facial massages are one of them.

The benefits of facial massage

As well as all the enormous benefits that comes when any area of the body is massaged, facial massage has some distinct benefits of its own. Here, we examine 5 benefits in-depth;

  • Relieves tension

As we go about our daily lives and work, even if we think we are not tense, it is a natural impact of living that our muscles become taut. This can happen to any muscle in the body, with facial muscles likely to harbour tension for a time to come.

When facial muscles are tense, the effects are shown in the form of wrinkles. You may not over-think or worry about wrinkles and fine lines, but our face is our window on the world and it is normal for anyone to want to look their best, portray themselves as a confident, happy person. A facial massage can soothe away the tension, and less wrinkles form, relaxing the face, as well as the rest of the body.

Massaging your own face at the end of a tiring, fraught day is perfectly beneficial, but a professional facial massage can a great way to shift ingrained, deep tension. However, bear in mind that skin type impacts on the length of time of a facial massage – oily or acne prone skin is best under the 10 minute mark and no more than 20 minutes for dry skin, which can become irritated if massaged longer.

  • Increase circulation

You probably know the delight of having our neck, shoulders and back massaged, especially if they are tender and aching from carrying the burden of stress and tension, or injury. Your facial muscles will benefit from the same tender, loving care!

Increasing blood flow in the skin, will increase oxygen flow around the face, perfect for soften hard lines around the mouth, eyes and brow. Skin takes on a fresh, almost youthful appearance.

  • A ‘natural’ facelift

There are articles and treatments that are talked about and lusted after, all of which promise to make your face a lighter, brighter feature of your soul! It may be that they do, but the effects are normally temporary.

There is also constant talk, especially aimed at women, about anti-aging, and how skin can sag, become lifeless and dull as we age. However, the most natural form of anti-aging skin care – if you are interested in such a thing – is stimulating the facial muscles, with massage, to stimulate the flow of oxygen in to a certain area. This is what gives the skin a healthy and naturally glowing complexion – relaxed muscles, with a great blood supply and oxygen.

  • Your skin accepts the help!

The skin is a major organ of the body and so often portrays the effects of tension and stress, as well as ill-health. Getting rid of unnecessary stress, indulging in facial massage as well as using a range of products suitable for the sensitive areas of the face all combine to give your face a healthy looking glow.

Facial massage and the subsequent increase in blood flow all help to make the skin healthier, and far more receptive to such things as moisturising creams. This in itself helps to hydrate the skin, as well as protect it from wind, rain, sun and the like.

  • And finally, you will look younger

Depending on the condition of your skin, as well as your age and budget, regular facial massages can do wonders for improving the overall health of your skin, and youthful look of your skin. As well as seeking professional facial massage, indulging in a daily facial massage as you wash your face, followed by an application of moisturiser will help to stimulate the nerve endings, the blood and the oxygen.

Who would have thought that small circular motions, and only a few minutes a day could be the answer to a healthy glowing face?