What’s in a name?

Desk Yogi

Desk YogI  (not entirely desk based or just Yoga)

So why have a business with a name that does not reflect what you do?

It means people often misinterpret what you offer.

It means you must explain in greater detail and hope people read the description.


So why do it??


Well in my case it’s the name of an existing company, its not my remit to change but also the name reflects the owner’s passion and provenance.


The business was started by Jacqui a p/t Yoga instructor who wanted to help her colleagues in her office.  It started with some simple lessons during lunchtime but not everyone who wanted to attend could get away for lunch. Jacqui asked the Human Resources department if she could broadcast an online yoga class that everyone in the company, in all its various locations, could follow without leaving their desks. The idea was launched with weekly 15-minute “yoga mash-ups,” combining yoga, meditation, breath work, stretching and a little bit of fitness. They were a hit.

“One day, this guy came up to me and he just didn’t seem like a yoga guy. It seemed like he was always working and never had a chance to see the sun. He told me the favourite part of his week was the yoga mash-ups. I was like, alright, he’s not the demographic I’ve been picturing in my brain. That’s when I decided to start Desk Yogi.”

Its now grow into a wider varied selection of topics in response to feedback  - exercise, mediation, nutrition etc


And that’s how desk YogI came to be – grown organically and from the heart.


I wonder how many other companies out there think their name should change to reflect the changing times 🧘‍♀️




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