When do you switch off?

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Have you considered a health check on your employees and could you answer the questions, how healthy is your workforce today, how good is your corporate health?

Improving the health of your staff has a direct benefit for the company, a healthy, fit workforce works more consistently with few lost days of work due to sickness.

You may have a problem you’re not currently aware of with staff feeling they have to protect their jobs and their position by working harder.

“24/7 working should be about the economy – it’s not a requirement for your daily life.”

Technology has given us the freedom to work anywhere – virtual offices and virtual teams and to work any hour of the day or day of the work and that’s the issue. Taking work home may seem cool and clever but when do you switch off?

zen manWho’s not tempted to check their emails before going to bed or get up early to finish that report?

Our phone and laptops even come on holiday with us – and when you feel ready to relax you feel stress and guilt because you know you shouldn’t take the phone with you or just pick up the e mails while the family or friends are on the beach.

It is for this reason that it is important to look at how you go about your daily tasks. Organising your tasks is something that everybody should do in the workplace; having things in order and under control will make you feel instantly less pressured. This usually involves scheduling your tasks so that you know what you will be doing and when. If you are in a position where you can discuss how you go about your job with your superiors, this is often a great way of changing things around a little and making things easier to deal with.

Mini Health-checks

Our mini health-check identifies the key areas of health concerns and includes comparison and recommendations for each site/office ensuring follow-on support specifically addresses the main health issues. Massage at Your desk a reenergising 10 minute massage for staff is simple and easy to set up and produces results that far out way the costs.

Looking after your staff’s health doesn’t need to be complicated. There are some simple practical and cost-effective steps that we can put in place – access to on-site services such as massage, advice on nutrition/diet and exercise and signposting to complementary therapies (yoga, Reiki etc).

Wellness at work isn’t a nice to have fluffy concept it’s a proven response to reduce days lost due to sickness and keep staff at work for longer and fitter.