Why do we make the decisions we do?

I recently attended a brilliant seminar on Performing for success given by Charlie Unwin a consultant for Lane4.  It prompted me to look at their website and read their blog page.  I found this article of which a snippet is pasted below but its worth looking at the whole article if you interested in the topic.

As Professor Ayton emphasised, we must appreciate the efficiency of the human brain, which has evolved to help us streamline information, understanding and decision making. However, we must also be aware that these ‘efficiencies’ can lead to, what he termed, ‘cognitive illusions’, an irrational weighting of certain factors.

So take time to reflect on your decisions and make sure your human brain is not pulling the wool over your thinking.


17 June 2015 | by Amy Walters  http://lane4performance.com/blogs.aspx?itemid=1824&itemTitle=Decision+Making%3a+The+tricks+your+mind+plays&sitesectionid=238&sitesectiontitle=Lane4+Blogs&returnlink=blogs.aspx%3fsitesectionid%3d238%26sitesectiontitle%3dLane4%2bBlogs#top