Workplace Massage – How Both Employer and Employee Can Benefit

As a business owner it can be easy to assume that sales and generating  leads are what you need to do. Whilst this is often the case, it isn’t always the best way to go about things. Many studies have shown employees that are happy are much more likely to be productive in their work place. Sometimes as a manager you need to step back, think outside of the box and consider how you can keep your clients as happy as possible. This could be anything from helping them to climb the career or offering them office massage as and when they need it.

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Keeping Your Employees Happy

There are any studies that have shown that a happy work force is one of the most productive. It is easy to assume that this happiness comes from how much you pay them and whatever other financial perks you can offer them. Whilst salary is important, it actually takes much more than that to keep them happy and content.

A big chunk of your employees happiness comes down to how much they are appreciated. Most people understand that they have a job role to do, but they also want to know that the work they do isn’t taken from granted. This can be done in many different ways – reward schemes, staff perks for doing well and even saying thank you as and when you see a job that has been done well.

Your Employees Health

Another way that staff production is effected is by their health. You want your staff to be happy and healthy in order to ensure that they work as well as possible. Although you can’t be in charge of all of their health, you can certainly do small things to help.

Workplace massage can help your employees to feel relaxed in work and therefore much happier.  Staff massage is something that can see a new concept to offices, but actually it is something that is working really well for companies that are taking advantage. What is even better is that it is something that is reasonably easy to set up and arrange.

How You Can Benefit From Workplace Massage

Many people have reported that a massage before work helps them to feel less stressed and much more regulated. This helps them to concentrate on the task at hand and in turn they are much more productive.  This could be massage carried out by a trained professional or perhaps access to a massage chair before they start work.

These lower levels of stress have also helped to reduce levels of absence. No work place wants to deal with staff being off sick, especially when they pay sick pay. When you consider that workplace massage can help to reduce this it makes sense that you and your work place take advantage.

As staff feel better in their role – less worried about days off, lack of productivity, more confident then they will be more willing to take on new job roles and work that bit harder.

All of this means that your staff are happy to work as hard as possible for you and your company. This gives you better value for money on the wage that you page, which is always a good thing. You also have less change of employees phoning in sick, which means even less money is wasted.

How Your Staff Will Benefit

When it comes to workplace massage your staff will benefit massively too. For starters they’ll feel better with much lower levels of anxiety and staff.  Not only that but their body will feel better as sore muscles are relieved and they feel a boost to their immune system.

No one likes to feel run down or lethargic, which is especially common in colder months. My adapting any sort of massage into your work perks can really help to ensure they your employees feel as happy and content as possible.

Seeing as your employees are likely to spend a large chunk of their day at work you really do what to do what you can to make sure that they are happy.  If someone ends up stick in a job that they are not content with then this can lead to stress, anxiety and even depression. As an employer it makes sense that you do what you can to avoid all of these and keep everyone happy.

Setting Things Up

If you look locally then you might find someone that can help with office massage. Just make sure that you speak to them about what they can do for you and your staff. Ideally you want someone that can adapt the massage that they offer so that they can help everyone within your work place.