Employee wellbeing Strategies

A company’s employee wellbeing strategy can indicate how engaged they are with their workforce and how much they listen to their staff’s opinions.

Even the toughest boss can see there’s plenty of evidence to support the premise that  massage at work helps to increase productivity and raise morale. Employers also have a legal requirement regarding their employees’ health and safety responsibilities while at work.There are many reasons why as employees within companies we can feel forgotten or taken for granted. But employee wellbeing is a fundamental necessity for any business to thrive. Companies that talk about caring have to demonstrate this in positive ways So the next time your managers ask for suggestions, talk to them about introducing a massage programme.

Staff wellbeing strategies are simple practical and cost-effective steps that can be easily put in place – access to on-site services such as massage, advice on nutrition/diet and exercise and signposting to complementary therapies (yoga, Reiki etc.) are all easily and quickly available.

Employee wellbeing
Employee wellbeing

Consequences of poor employee wellbeing

Current research from the (CIPD) shows that presenteism is becoming a concern as employees turn in for work when they are not fit to do so. Stress and Muscular injuries are the number 2 and 3, reasons for short term absence in the workplace.  Massage at work not only helps stress but also delivers benefits in a number of other areas:-

  • Relieves muscular aches and pains
  • increases thought and mental clarity
  • reduces mental fatigue
  • relaxes yet energises the body
  • gives a feeling of wellbeing
  • helps the body cope better with pressure
  • improves your performance at work

Hiring staff and training people costs companies a hefty amount of money so why not introduce staff wellbeing by bringing in massage to staff directly to staff at their point of need. All of our therapists are highly qualified and experienced. Recent surveys we have undertaken in companies who use our service shows that employees greatly value this company health benefit.  If you’re an employee then taking a 15 minute break out of your day to escape from the chaos, stress and noise will help to refocus.  When you return to your desk you will feel revitalised and reenergised, ready to tackle anything. Many of our clients look forward to their massage day and make sure there in the office and not working from home to take advantage of the service.

Employee wellbeing feedback

Ask your manager today to trial the service and measure the difference in employee satisfaction.

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