What are the benefits of corporate massage?

Employers have a duty to keep their employees safe, both physically and mentally. However, in terms of legislation, it would seem that the physical safety of employees is tantamount, over and above their emotional well-being.

Sometimes, we can be a little reticent in discussing emotional or mental health issues but, with a drive in the UK to start taking this matters more seriously, the popularity of corporate massage is increasing. More and more employers are realising the value of keeping their emotional well-being of their employees in good health, and corporate massage is just one way of doing this.

Do you have a ‘wellness programme’?

As a result, companies of all sizes and from all industries and sectors across the UK are creating wellness programmes, a programme tailored for their employees that gives credence to looking after their physical and emotional wellbeing.

However, in the past corporate massage has tended to be used during ‘crunch points’; every business has a busy period and massage has been used as a way of thanking staff for going the ‘extra mile’ during these busy times. Whilst this is not a bad thing, companies are also know realising that this type of work-based massage can be used at all times to boost productivity, job satisfaction as well as promoting positive health impacts for employees.

The benefits of corporate massage are immense…Employees at work

Every company knows that despite hug e efforts to encourage people onto wellbeing sessions that bungy jumpy, rocking climbing, paint balling or pilates will never be everybody’s cup of tea, hence the uptake can be very low.

Corporate massage, however, enjoys a very different uptake level and it is this huge participation that makes it a firm favourite. Add to this the cost-effectiveness of it, for the number of people that take part in it as well as the immediate beneficial effects of a massage, and you have a sure fire winner on your hands!

Studies – mainly American ones – have also drawn other conclusions:

o Regular corporate massage offered to employees has had a noticeable impact on their ability to problem solve issues and tasks. In this study, one group of workers were given 15 minutes rest and another group a 15 minute massage; the second group performed much better at complicated math problems that both groups were given!

o Massage is also known to help and improve on creative thinking as well as reliving aspect of muscular fatigue, great for employees in industries where they use the same muscle groups over and over again

o We all know how degrading and debilitating stress can be and this is something that every employer is keen to keep under control; spiralling stress is known to cause an increase in absenteeism. Corporate massage is one way of managing the stress of employees, preventing its build up. A great stress reliever that means employees perform better, and are less likely to take time off due to stress

o People-friendly employers enjoy a more stable workforce and, it seems, higher revenue and profits too; studies have found that many of the companies listed in the ‘100 best companies to work for’ in Forbes Magazine offered work-based massage on a regular basis.

o Positive physical aspects are also prevalent when employees opt for corporate massage too; blood pressure can be raised in many circumstances but massage can help to keep this under control; likewise, employees with arthritis also find that the pain or aching is controlled better. Keeping your workforce healthy is important, and helping to boost immunity against coughs, colds and flu is also a welcome side effect of massage!

o Lifting morale and boosting how good people feel about working for you is important too and all this can be found at the hands of a masseuse! Corporate massage is delivered on site, over clothing and usually through the use of a special chair that promotes weightlessness. There is nothing more powerful than touch for boosting the feeling of well-being and positivity.

o Every business has demanding times and saying ‘thank you’, recognising the impact that employees have made in dealing with busy times or ‘crunch periods’ is important. Many companies introduce corporate massage during such times but find the benefits so positive, immediate and brilliant that they continue with a programme of onsite massage.

Many companies opt for wellness programmes, but being a forward thinking company means thinking outside of the box. Offering activities and social events only fulfil a small portion of keeping your employees happy, stress-free and productive.

Isn’t it time you looked at how corporate massage could benefit your company?