Fear cuts deeper than a sword

Emma - by Carl Stanley

I recently came across a line in a book I was reading, Game Of Thrones, Book 1. George Martin

“Fear cuts deeper than a sword”

The line becomes a sort of mantra for Arya one of the characters in the book to help her overcome her fear when faced with many, many  troubling events.

It struck me that during my own lifetime I had often come to a point when a decision had to be made and I just couldn’t overcome that fear of what might happen, fear of the unknown.  I suppose we all have to do some risk analysis.  I did, when I left a very well paid job in marketing to run Onsite Plus Massage and to train as a masseuse and wellbeing therapist.

Emma by Carl Stanley

Photo taken by Carl Stanley

My decision to leave marketing was predicated on the fact that I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing and that something had to change in my life.  But what that change looked like I wasn’t sure, then a chance conversation set me of down a new path of discovery.  Massage in its self-connects you with the person your treating but also connects you with yourself.  You have to really listen with your fingers and hands to interpret what you’re feeling.  If you’re to do this well you must focus and shut out all extraneous noises and become immersed in what you’re doing; be in the here and now.

I find it reassuringly therapeutic for me as the practitioner to give massage and have my clients say “thank you I feel so much better” that is a reward in its self.

Many of our decisions in life are going to involve some sort of risk assessment or benefit analysis it’s what we learn to do as we grow and mature into adults.  But sometimes it’s just a pleasure to immerse yourself back into you the person and take pleasure from the relaxing strokes and the touch of massage.  Watch babies just enjoying rolling around and being human to understand that life has some very simple pleasures that we shouldn’t deny ourselves.

I know sometimes people are worried about seeing a masseuse, but that’s why office massage works so well, it’s safe and secure within a corporate framework.  If you’ve never had a massage I recommend giving yourself the challenge to try and overcome that fear and you may find something fantastic waiting for you.