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1. ‘Shoulder Shrugs’ Sit upright in a chair and draw your shoulders up to your ears, take a deep breath in through your nose, then breath out quickly through your mouth (hah) and release your shoulders at the same time.
2. ‘Heart Chakra’  Feel how much tension drains away as you lift your chest and heart center up (this automatically drops your shoulder…s back and down) and softens your jaw, tongue and throat.
3. ‘Breath’ Take slow breaths in and out through your nose. As you breath in say mindfully -‘I know I am breathing in” and as you breath out smile and say mindfully – “I know I am breathing out”.
Notice how you begin to feel calm and relaxed. Storing emotional stress often leads to physical pain, so make sure you release your stress and tension in the workplace and at home using these simple tips.
Getting in touch with—and addressing—other issues in your life might have the added benefit of releasing pent up tension from your body…