The Mini health check is here

Have you ever thought there must be something positive we can do to help our employees stay fit and well? Have you considered the benefits of a Mini Health-check to promote health in the workplace and employee well being?

Mini Health CheckThe Mini health check is a simple easy way to help identify the key areas of health concerns and includes comparison and a recommendation for each office ensuring follow-on support specifically addresses the main health issues.

You choose which tests you would like included in the employee mini health-check:

  • total cholesterol (pin prick blood test)
  • blood sugar (pin prick blood test)
  • blood pressure
  • BMI
  • waist:hip ratio
  • cardiovascular questionnaire

One very important aspect of diet and health is diabetes and how we can control our Blood Sugar levels. Exercise and diet play a key part in managing blood sugar levels but the starting point for all of this is to be checked out. Probably not something you would think of doing at your doctors unless prompted by a symptom. With a mini health check we are looking to spot the problem early.

Just so you have some indicators and tips:-

  • dips in blood sugar are linked to low concentration, poor memory and aggressive behaviour
  • eat every 3-4hrs to maintain blood sugar balance for energy and concentration
  • reduce stimulants; sugar, caffeine, alcohol, simple carbohydrates
  • substitute coffee for Rooibos, herb tea, hot water & lemon or water
  • eat breakfast! including oats, nuts, seeds
  • choose low GI/GL fruit (pears, apples) not bananas, grapes, mango
  • combine protein in each meal for extra sugar balance

Mini Health check should be a part of your company’s health and wellbeing programme and linked to other activities that help people at work stay fit and healthy and at peak performance.